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Cheap Nappies: Bambooty Vs Disposables

So you’ve probably heard people say over and over again that using cloth nappies saves you hundreds, but how much is that really? In this post I thought I would compare the cost of disposables and Bambooty cloth options.

Important to note that my disposable sums are an average as prices vary quite wildly between brand, store and naturally your baby might be in the various sizes for shorter/longer. The prices I have picked represent what is generally on offer at major supermarkets and when buying in bulk, if you live in a rural area or can’t buy on the regular specials then it can cost another $500 plus. Likewise the number of changes may be more or less than what I factored in here. I have looked at the cost over 2.5 years, but your child may also toilet train earlier or later which would naturally affect the sums. You could do your own table and work out the actual cost.

Disposable Nappies:

AGE (approx.)

# per Week


# Weeks @ Size

Total Cost

0-3 months





3-6 months





6 months +





Total # Nappies (2.5 years):         6006

Total Cost ($):                                  $2579.22

So how does this compare with using Bambooty? The table below lists the nappies at their rrp listed on the website, but don’t forget you can get discounts for buying in bulk and at expo’s. I suggest adding around $100 per year for laundering, which is obviously going to be lower if you don’t use a dryer, use a front loader on cold, use minimal detergent, wash full loads etc etc. If you have solar panels you’re laughing too J Please note this is the recommended amount of nappies for 3 days use, as for hygenic reasons it is a good idea to wash at least every 1-2 days, but all children are different so some use less/more nappies per day/night.

Easy One Size:

Item Cost # Total Cost
Easy One Size $32.95 24 $790.80
Boosters $3.50 10 $35.00
Liners $13.95 5 $69.75
Wet Bag $9.95 2 $19.90

Total Cost                                                                                         $915.45

Easy Dry (Sized Nappy):

Size Cost # Total Cost
Small $19.95 24 $478.80
Medium $24.95 15 $374.25
Medium Night $24.95 3 $74.85
Large $26.95 15 $404.25
Large Night $26.95 3 $80.85
Boosters $3.50 6 $21.00
Liners $13.95/100 5 $69.75
Wet Bag Free NA $0.00

Total Cost                                                                                         $1503.75

Nappies can also be purchased in packages which give you further savings - up to 20% off here!

So looking at the Bambooty sums, I bet you’re thinking “Why would I go for sized nappies?”. Yes the Easy One Size system is cheaper, but being realistic it may last for less children as (a) it is undergoing vigorous washing for longer periods of time and (b) the next child may come along before the first is finished using their nappies. The sized nappies are not used for as long a period for each child meaning they may last a bit longer and the smaller sizes are ready for the next child. Both have their good points and it really is a personal choice, a mixture of systems can work too.

The total cost of a Bambooty cloth nappy system (purchasing at full price and including laundering) is $1165.45 to 1753.75, keeping in mind that the saving increase with every additional child that uses the nappies. Total cost of disposables is approximately $2579.22 for one child, $5158.44 for two children and 7,737.66 for three children. Plus there are other additional costs such as plastic bags for expensive disposal systems, disposable wipes, more nappy rash creams are needed generally speaking and lets not forget that with disposables, over 6000 nappies are going into landfill per child too, very concerning environmentally.

I think the sums say it all, Bambooty modern cloth nappies are not only an excellent ecological choice but a very smart investment!

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