Easy One Size Folding Instructions

How do I fold the Easy One Size for Newborn, Medium, Large and Extra Large?

Do you wonder how on earth you can fold a One Size to neatly fit a newborn? Or how to fold the nappy as the bub get a little bigger?

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Newborn - This size really fits from as small as 2.5kgs! Getting a really good seal around their teeny tiny legs, which is important and can be challenging for little newborns. Even if they are larger newborns the nappy adjusts well for chubby thighs and round tums!

Medium - This size fits brilliantly when using the cross over snaps and remember the snaps can be done up a-symmetrically for babies with skinny legs and big tums or vice versa. Also you don't have to do up all four snaps on each side of the nappy which allows you to customize the nappy even more to perfectly fit your unique and individual bub!

Large and Extra large - these settings again adjust to all shapes and sizes of bubs and the extra snap-in layer which is inculded in every Easy One Size nppy we sell starts to become useful and make the nappies last longer now the bub's bladder has grown. The large and extra large fits are higher rise to hold in all the nasties. There are also extra long extra absorbent night boosters available on the website so make the Easy One Size into an easy to use and convenient night nappy.



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