Money back offer!

Here at Bambooty we understand that investing in modern cloth nappies can be a steep financial outlay in the beginning and unfortuantely there are no gurantees that they will be right for you. We have designed our modern cloth nappies with ease of use as one of the most important factors - easy enough for "Anyone to give them a go".

We understand that once you decide to give them a go, you save the most money, time and post expenses if you purchase the larger 3 day or full time packages up front rather than starting with a 1 day package and building your stash. However this is more risky than starting off slowly and buying more as you go. 

To help with reducing the risk of buying the better packages with the most savings, we do offer you the opportunity to return them if (after a reasonable trial) you find they aren't for you, you are welcome to return for a refund any unused* nappies or accessories. 

Heres how it works - Full time modern cloth nappy packages

1. Purchase the 3 day package you desire (either by size, OSFM or best of both worlds)

2. Wash and trial 3 of the nappies from the package

2a) Find that you love them! Go to point 4

2b) If you find they aren't working for you, please go to point 3.

3. Please get in touch. We are super helpful people and will always go out of our way to guide you through anything that isn't working for you, to the best of our abillities. (We have changed 10s of thousands of nappies between us, if not more than a 100 thousand nappies! We are Mums, we have worked in long day care centres, we have been nannies, we have cared for other peoples children as well as ours for many years and are always willing to help).

3a) If after going through our help you are happy with the nappies please go to point 4

3b) If after going through our help you still can't get them to work for you please go to point 5

4. Now that you are loving your super cool, easy to use, modern cloth nappies carry on using and loving them and spreading the word to all who could benefit from your knowledge and expereince :)

5. If you have arrived at point 5, we are as disappointed as you are that we haven't found the right solution for you. (To date this has only happened twice, in the last 4+ years) Please return any of the *unused, unwashed, as new with tags on products to your nearest Bambooty Head Quarters (Guildford, Surrey, UK, or Bondi, Sydney, Australia)

We will refund you on all returned items in the above condition, no later than 3 weeks after receiveing your order. If your baby is not due for a little longer, just let us know, we're reasonable people :D

What to do with the 3 used ones? Well, you could hang onto them and trial them again in a few months time. With a bit more time, weight gain, better sleeping, less milk throughout the night, etc etc etc they may well work perfectly for you! Hooray!

You could give them to a friend or family member to trial who may well love them! Once they give them a go.

Or believe it or not you can acutally on sell them second hand. Many people purchase nappies second hand (and prewash them I'm assuming, to be on the safe side). We have found that bambooty nappies aren't around very often on the buy and sell nappy pages as most people love them! But yes you will be able to recoup some of the cost, even on the nappies that you have used! 

Any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us further. 

Cheers, Amelia

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