Strip Wash - How, When and Why?!

Strip Washing your Modern Cloth Nappies - How, When and Why?!

The Bambooty reusable nappy being strip washed need to be clean before you start so wash as usual. Then set temperature to hot (40 deg celsius is our recommendation). Put 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent (for top loaders) or 1/2 teaspoon dishwashing detergent (for front loaders) in the wash. Let it finish the cycle and then rinse another 3 times or so. You may need to do more rinses - you'll notice small soap bubbles on the first few rinses; ideally there should be none but after about three we find most have gone. Then hang your nappy to dry in the sun.
When and Why:-
You should strip wash your nappies as and when you need to.... i.e. we recommend doing a strip wash for nappies with lingering smells, nappy rash cream build up, mould spots or if you feel the absorbency of the nappy has decreased (this happens sometimes when residues of washing powder build up). People usually strip wash their nappies before storing or before passing on to the next child.
Have you ever tried a strip wash on your modern cloth nappies? Why did you do one?
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