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So nappies leak, they always have, they always will. 

All types of nappies can and do leak at times! 

I've worked as a nanny in a few different countries, I've worked with children ever since I left school, I'm an oldest sister, I've worked in long day care, in the babies room, right through to 3-4 yr olds. I have 3 children of my own and nieces and nephews and friends with babies. Lucky me! What all this means is I've changed tens of thousands of nappies. All sorts of cloth nappies, all sorts of rubbish (single use/disposable) nappies they all leak at times. Why? Generally its just teh nature of dealing with liquids! But there are some reasons and some things tha can be done about it, so lets have a quick chat about why and what you can do about it :)