Top Quality Nappies - Why, How and What to do

So you may have read our post titled "How long should I expect my cloth nappies to last?" 

You might be feeling slightly dejected about your purchase, (worrying about the worst case scenario), but you really shouldn't be! :D


At Bambooty we focus on providing the highest quality products we possibly can. 

  • Highest quality fabrics
  • Highest quality stitching 
  • Highest quality design
  • All round top quality is what we eternally strive for! 


Some of the things we do to keep our products performing for as long as possible include - 

1. Listening to our customers feedback and acting on anything that we can. For example,

  • We have upgraded the elastic we now use, as the previous type wasn't lasting as long as we or you would like. While it does still have a lifespan and will degrade eventually of course, we are much happier with its long lasting performance. 
  • We no longer fleece our bamboo fabric - Bamboo whilst being, super aborbent, highly breathable, and easy to grow so great for the environment is also fairly weak in itself as a fabric. For this reaon we no longer fleece the bamboo terry fabric. Fleecing is in effect pre-damaging the fabric, before it gets put through rigours and harsh environment of being a nappy. Our bamboo terry fabric is also combined with organic cotton to give it more strength too. This is to balance the super aborbent powers of bamboo, along with the strength of the less absorbent fabric, good old cotton. 
  • Colour fasting - we have further listened to our customers in the area of the keeping the nappies looking great from an outside image point of view and increased the colourfastness of our nappies over the years for longer lasting, brighter colours.

2. The design

  • As already mentioned above, starting from the beginning in the design stage we focus on quality throughout all our products. 
  • We only use the highest quality materials we can find, continually working to avoid, breaking snaps, delaminating PUL or unreliable stitching as some examples.
  • In some parts of our nappies, we double or even tripple stitch sections to ensure the stitching will last for as long as possible. This is particularly important for a product such as a nappy with what we expect it to cope with day in and day out.
  • Another improtant point with the design of bambooty products is the careful attention to detail that goes into the design. Many hours have been spent researching and testing out various fabric combinations and their effects and capabilities individually and within the whole nappy. 
    • Just 1 example - micro-fibre is fast drying, super absorbent and lasts for a very long time, so great as a nappy fabric. However it is too harsh to be next to the baby's skin, possibly causing rashes and it is prone to compression leaks if it is used solely within a cloth nappy. Therefore, we do use micro-fibre for its great attributes that it can bring to a reliable and well designed modern cloth nappy, but within the design of our nappies, we conteract the cons of this fabric. Micro-fibre is always sandwiched between bamboo so that it can't ever touch any skin, as well as having the bamboo fabric to soak up any compression leaks it may give and making the bambooty modern cloth nappy all the more reliable. 

This post is a work in progress - we are likely to be taking the kids to swimming lessons or something similar and will be back shortly with further information. Thank you for your patience. Please check back later, if you're wanting more :)

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