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Now that you've read Which nappy style is Best, I'll go on to explain what I would choose with the expereince I have now.

If I could redo my nappying career for our family, (keeping in mind that Bambooty nappies were first born with the sized All in One nappies out of a need for a simpler nappy design plus the financial aspects of course) I would choose a combination of Easy One Size Nappies and Easy Dry nappies. Mainly focusing on the Easy One Size nappies for their longer term cost saving aspect, but also throwing in some Sized Nappies too for simplicities sake, and to make sure someone else could help with the changes now and then.

As a result of our expereinces with our own children, our customers feedback, some common sense and some great accessories to add into the mix, we have designed the Best of Both Worlds range of Packages. Hooray! 


All Best of Both Packages come with 12 Easy One Size Nappies plus 6-12 of the size you choose. 


The Best of Both Worlds Newborn/Small comes with 12 Easy One Size and 12 Newborn/Small nappies. 

 - At this stage you are likely to need 24 nappies as you are going through a minimum of 8 nappies a day. (If you're lucky!) 

Honestly speaking, if it was my first over again, I would also have a packet of Naty newborn disposables on hand as back up as well. Just in case! - When I said 8 a day it can be 12! or even more! I'll ask my sister to write a blog post about that point.


The Best of Both worlds (or BOB) Medium comes with 12 Easy One Size and 6 Medium nappies. 

 - Often by this stage you are hopefully using 1 nappy for the night time shift (10-12 hrs) and then 5 changes during the day.               18 nappies will give you enough for 3 days worth, so you don't have to wash them every single day. 


The BOB Large is similar to the medium, only with 6 Large nappies instead of Medium.


Finally we are working at putting up a BOB NB/S and M package. This will include 12 Easy One Size Nappies, 6 Newborn/Small Nappies and 6 Medium Nappies. This would be my preference if starting over again with my first child. 

You may notice that there are only 18 nappies that will fit at each stage, this is true. You will need to supplement with some disposables at the newborn stage if you choose this package. I would recommend eco friendly disposables with as few chemicals in them as possible of course, for the health of your baby as well as the environment. (Naty seem to be one of the best we have found, and readily available in supermarkets) 18 nappies at the newborn stage will be a great start and if it is your first child, don't put extra pressure on yourself, there is a lot to learn in the beginning. Use the (gorgeous!) cloth nappies as often as you can and have some disposables on hand for times of emergency. That's what I would have done anyway.


Another positive note on the Best of Both Worlds packages is that it does reduce your initial outlay.

24 Easy One Size nappies (Full time - Easy One Size 24) costs $750.52


Where as the BOB - Newborn/Small + Medium is just $632.20. Granted there will be some extra nappies you will need to buy along the way (the very beginning and likely the very end) however you can still spend $120 on other nappies and be in the same financial position as having purchased the Full time Package, however this way you have half of the nappies as the neater, trimer easier sized nappies, packaged in their own individual wet-bags.


If you choose to use largely disposables in the very beginning and not many cloth nappies at all, going straight to the BOB Medium will further reduce your initial cloth nappy set up costs at only $569.93.


NOTE - If this is your first research into cloth nappies and you are horrified by the figures, please keep in mind the comparison figures of using disposable nappies which will cost you over a $1000 a year and I can guarantee you that none of those nappies will last for a second child! Choosing cloth is an investment, not an expense.

An investment in saving you money down the track.

An investment in saving your baby's skin from harsh chemicals.

An investment in the environment and reducing your baby's footprint.

An investment in feeling awesome! You rock!

An investment in making your baby look gorgeous! and Feel Gorgeous!

For more information on costs please read Cheap Nappies - Bambooty vs Disposables. 

Having said all of that, if you are still undecided about which will suit you better, we have 2 more options for you. 


1 - Grab one of our trial packages which will give you an Easy Dry, and Easy One Size and an Easy Night (To try for yourself and see which ones you like better) - OR - 


2 - Give one of these packages a go, don't wash and use all the nappies. Try 3 of them, keeping in mind they take up to 8 washes to maximise absorbency, and we are here to help if you have any teething issues. If you are still not happy with the nappies, any that are used, unwashed and still in a resalable condition with packaging/ tags on, return them to us and we will happily refund you. For more on this option, please read our post "Money Back Offer"

Please note - as with all our packages, these packages are designed to be enough nappies for roughly 3 days worth of cloth nappies. You are likely to need 3 days worth of nappies so that you have time to wash and dry them again in order to use them again on day 4. It is also common sense of course not to leave dirty nappies lying around for days on end, nor would it do the fabrics any good either. 
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