Fitting Bambooty Real Nappies

BAMBOOTY MODERN CLOTH NAPPIES – Making the most of the nappy’s rise. 

Bambooty modern cloth nappies are known and loved for being ‘low rise’ hipster nappies, but if you find you’d like them to be another centimeter or two higher around your babies middle we suggest you try the following:- 


To stretch the outer place the PUL print side of your bambooty modern cloth nappy over your fist and let the flaps hang down. You can pull gently on the flaps to make sure that the PUL is at its full size. Then place the flaps up one after the other  - they won't reach the ends of each other but this is a good thing as when you then turn the nappy the right way around for use it will mean the outer is fully extended. 

This will help the nappy fit better as it will be neater on the sides around the legs and a trimmer fit overall as there shouldn’t be any bunching of the outer shell. 

As usual, after putting on the nappy, lifting up the legs 1 by 1 and making sure the elastic is high up around the crease of the legs/hips will ensure a neat fit and protect from leaks. 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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