How many Bambooty Real Nappies do I need?

Cloth or real nappies don’t have to be all or nothing, any cloth nappies used help save money, help landfill and most importantly in our humble opinion, keep chemicals away from your baby's bottom!

Did you know just 6 Bambooty Real Nappies  - 2 a day on the baby, 2 in the washing machine and 2 on the line (the other 4/5 changes in the day would be disposable) - saves over 700 disposable nappies a year from landfill? 

6 Nappy Packages

From experience and feedback, for full time cloth nappy use – 

In the first few weeks a newborn baby needs changing 8 to10 (or more) times a day. Therefore we recommend a minimum of 20 Bambooty nappies for full time use from day dot right through to potty training. This is based on enough nappies for roughly 2+ days in the beginning. For the first few weeks or so you will probably need to throw on a load of nappies each evening or morning.

Newborn Full time Nappy Package

As the baby grows and your baby establishes a routine you may need fewer Bambooty modern cloth nappies. Around 6 nappies a day, 5 Bambooty day time nappies and 1 a Bambooty night nappy or 6 of the Easy One Size nappies and an EOS Night booster. Therefore 20 nappies would provide comfortably enough for 3 days of nappies plus a few spare. Some people may find they prefer more than 20, however we feel 20 is a good place to start and see how you go. 

Full time Nappy Packages 

Full time package

WARNING – cloth nappies can be addictive, Bambooty takes no responsibility for any addictions to patterns or styles that may result from trying out these goregous nappies.

How many nappies do you have for full time use?

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