Mother and Baby Magazine Awards - 2 years in a row!

The annual Mother and Baby Awards have been announced for 2013. 

Bambooty was shortlisted in 3 categories up against some pretty amazing baby and mummy products from around the globe and from much larger companies than little us! 

The 3 categories we were finalists in were - 

1. Reusable nappy of the Year (This is the one we picked up a Bronze award in last year too)

2. Mummy Cult Product - We were shortlisted, for our gorgeous Bamboo Velour Booby Nights nursing pads in this one.

3. Baby Cult Product - We were shortlisted in this category for our Anytime, Anywhere baby/change mats! Also Bamboo velour, and funky printed PUL, perfect baby accessory for all sorts of situations and purposes.  


Well while we didn't pick up an award for our devinely soft nursing pads, (can't figure that one out, they're so soft, super absorbent and water proof! But there you go, we'll work on them further and hopefully win next year), nor our super cool and amazingly practical Anytime, Anywhere mats, we still think being shortlisted though is pretty cool :D


We did pick up a Bronze award again in the Reusable Nappy of the Year category, and we're thrilled of course! Being up against some very popular and well known brands from all over the globe really, it is such a compliment for all the hard work that goes into designing each product and making sure they keep being the high quality reliable products we expect and love providing. 

 Mother and Baby Awards, Reusable Nappy of the Year, Bmabooty

The difference in these awards and other awards held around Australia and New Zealand are these awards are actually graded by Mums who are sent out actual products to trial, put to the test and report back on. Based on these tester results the best brands are collated and awarded accordingly. 


Granted of course relying on them being tested by people who haven't used them before, there are going to be some who will quickly fall in love with a product and find it easy to use and others who will have a few hiccups and would normally come back for some of our friendly customer service to help iron out any teething issues they may be having with getting going with the product. Providing customer support whilst the product is being tested is not an option in these scenarios, which hits home with me again and the driving force of Bambooty modern cloth nappies being (we aim for) "easy enough for anyone to give them a go!" 

We believe that us being the only cloth nappy brand to win the Mother Baby Awards 2 years a row is a testament to this and how easy they are for anyone trying them out, to not only give them a go, but give them a go and love them too!

Congratulations also goes to - 

Hippybottomus who were awarded gold for their pocket nappy and Cushie Tushies who were awarded Silver for their swim nappy. Also Bambino Mio and Itti Bitti who were shortlisted.

We'd also like to mention some of our other favourite products that received Mother and Baby Awards.

Mamas and Papas - for their prams and cot amongst other awards they received. 

Sophie the Giraffe was awarded Gold too, we love Sophie in this house. 

and Bio Oil in the Mummy Cult Product - I love this stuff as well. 

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