The Story Bambooty


Once upon a time there was an Aussie mum called Amelia who’s daughter Hannah suffered with terrible eczema. Amelia discovered that the eczema was made worse by disposable nappies and she brought a range of reusable nappies which improved Hannah’s eczema. 

However after a few months of dealing with leaks, bad stitching and ugly bulky designs Amelia began making Hannah’s nappies at home herself. Amelia also needed to design a nappy which her husband Nav could manage to change. Soon Amelia was making nappies for family, friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends and in 2008 Bambooty was born! 

Support crew 

Nav – Amelia’s husband 

Deb and Jem – Amelia parents. Who have allowed their family home to become the Bambooty warehouse. 

Emma T - Amelia’s childhood friends and mum of 2 kids. Emma helps with Facebook updates and Marketing. 

Emily – Who’s Gran is friends with Amelia’s Gran and has mum of 3 kids. Does picking and packing. 

Emma B (who’s thinking of changing her name to Trevor) – does the Bambooty customer service and first met Amelia after her daughter Ellie-Sue became firm friends with Hannah at Pre-School. 

Finally -Dave (dad of 2 girls), web designer, Sal (mum of 4) does graphic design/logo design stuff, Kim (mum of 1 girl) photographer... All work from home around caring for their kids. 

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