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Cloth nappies don’t have to be an all or nothing choice, any cloth nappies used help save $, help landfill and save chemicals from your baby’s bottom! 

Did you know just 6 Bambooty Modern Cloth nappies  - 2 a day on the baby, 2 in the washing machine and 2 on the line (the other 4/5 changes in the day would be disposable) - saves over $350 and over 700 disposable nappies a year from landfill? 

At Bambooty we focus on providing the highest quality products we possibly can. 

  • Highest quality fabrics
  • Highest quality stitching 
  • Highest quality design
  • All round top quality is what we eternally strive for! 


Some of the things we do to keep our products performing for as long as possible include -